Our Team

We have a team of qualified and experienced electrical, mechanical, electronics and chemical engineers along with supporting technical staff. Dr. Edbertho Leal heads up the management team at Neopowertech.

About me

Edbertho Leal-Quiros; M.S, PhD.

Dr. Edbertho Leal-Quiros has a B.S. in Physics from National University of Colombia (1973); M.S. in Physics, in Atomic Collisions, from National University of Colombia, Bogotá-Colombia (1976); a second M.S. in Plasma Physics from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) (1986), and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia (1989). He is well-known for his experience in research in plasma physics and its applications in Municipal Solid Waste, as well as research with Ultra Clean Coal-Plant Technology using plasma. He has been a university professor for more than 30 years, teaching at universities of South America and United States, including Puerto Rico, where he was for 9 years Director of Scientific Research and Development Department at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR).  He developed and directed the Plasma Laboratory and the Laser and the Modern Physics Laboratories at PUPR for approximately 9 years. He participated in a research project for NASA in the PUPR Plasma Laboratory where materials to be used in the Solar Probe were tested.  In addition, he has participated in several plasma experiments with the plasma group of National Research Laboratory (NRL) at Washington, D.C.  He has directed several projects and has been Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI of grants/projects for Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, and National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaborations with several national laboratories and universities including University of Missouri-Colombia, University of Puerto Rico, and John Hopkins, among others. He has presented papers in multiple international meetings, in Plasma Physics Applications and Nuclear Science, and has authored more than 200 publications.  At present he is the President of Neopowertech, LLC in Fresno, California. As President I am the Director of Scientific Research Department. The Division of Renewable Energy, Plasma Technologies, Plasma Applications, Nuclear Power, Power Systems and Energy and the Environment. In conjunction with The University of California Merced, I am participating in a project using Plasma to Process Biomass and waste water to Generate Syngas and Electrical Power.

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